There is a great, massive reservoir looming over your life. Like a massive, celestial pool- deep and large.

It stands there, tall and imposing- suspended above every deed you do, every thought you think, and every day and moment you live. It is capable of holding a vast amount. It may be full, empty, or somewhere in between. Its’ size may be deceptive as to how much it holds at this exact moment.

It contains the single most valuable commodity you possess or ever will possess. It is the Reservoir of Time.

When you were born, it was full to the brim, or at least as full as it would ever be. As of this moment, it contains less than it ever has. This statement should alarm you.

Every time you take a breath, every time you blink your eye, every time you think a thought, the great reservoir is diminished. One day, the last drop will seep from it. This fact is unavoidable.

When wealthy people die, they no longer want rich food, exciting adventures, or an opulent environment. All they want is the love of those whom they have held closest in life. In those final moments of time, as the reservoir gurgles and trickles its last precious ounces, they would give all their wealth, power, or fame to simply put a few more buckets back into the great reservoir of time.

But they cannot. Neither can you or I. This is the first Law of the Reservoir. The rules of life and the laws of the universe declare that once a single drop has been extracted or allowed to escape from the reservoir, it can never be replaced. It is impossible to return it to the reservoir. You cannot borrow time from another. You cannot create more. What is in the reservoir at this moment is all you have, or ever will have. That which is no longer in the reservoir is spent, gone forever.

Certainly it is understandable that we must spend some of the valuable substance in our reservoir to earn the means with which to care for our daily and ongoing needs. It is also logical and reasonable that we spend as little time as necessary for as large a return as possible so that we can become unencumbered with the need to trade our valuable time for money as early as possible. This will enable us to enjoy the contents of the reservoir. Money that is retained and properly invested will provide a comfortable existence if you start early and plan wisely.

Another law of the reservoir is that you can never look inside of it. Your reservoir may be barely depleted or almost empty, but you cannot know. Only as the final drops escape its’ vast capacity do you become aware that it is empty. The only clue you will have to the remaining contents of this reservoir will be in relation to the number of years you have been drinking from it.

Everyone is born with this great reservoir. For some, we find that on the day of their birth, their reservoir only had a few gallons, or was only partially full. We did not know. Neither did they. The emptying of these reservoirs is a source of some of our greatest sorrows.

The healthiest, most refreshing drinks you will take from the reservoir will typically be the ones you take during the first half. You will not realize how good and sweet these measures were until you are only able to enjoy them in your memories. However, the second half will be the most satisfying, because they will be flavored with the substantive tonic of wisdom. Some will refuse to appreciate both youth and advancing age by wishing for which ever one they do not have at the time. This is a critical mistake.

Some people look at a gaping, empty reservoir and lament how little it contained or how quickly its’ contents have been used. Sometimes, they get angry, or seek to cast blame at God. But the lesson to be learned is that it is not so much about how quickly the reservoir is drained, but how well it is drained and how much its’ contents are appreciated.

Some will complain about the obstacles and difficulties that come and go as the elixir of the reservoir flows through the years. Others will be grateful for every day, regardless of their circumstances. These are the happy ones.

So what is the time in your reservoir being used for? The time in your reservoir can be used on yourself or on others. It can be relished or wasted. It can be maximized or allowed to flow recklessly. That choice is yours as a human being with a free will.

If you have beloved parents, siblings, spouse, children, or even grandchildren, how much of the contents of your reservoir will be showered upon them or invested in them? Perhaps when our parents are gone, we begin to realize how important they were in our lives. Those who lose children or even grandchildren find that they wish and long for one more opportunity to share their time with them.

We do have some control over the disbursement of time from our reservoirs. Certainly there are things we can do (or avoid) that would open the valve unnecessarily wide and allow precious time to fall to the ground unappreciated and unvalued. We can carelessly cause cracks or ruptures in the reservoir that would allow its’ precious contents to seep, spew, flow or even surge out at an alarming rate.

Some take great, unnecessary risks with the reservoir that holds the precious commodity. This is because they do not properly value its’ contents. Their reservoir has leaks they are not even aware of. If asked what they are doing, they will reply “Just killing time.”

This is a tragic statement. Why would someone want to randomly and carelessly discard the most valuable, non-replenishable commodity ever known to humankind?

Why would someone take chances with the reservoir that holds this priceless commodity by eating a diet of unhealthy foods, failing to exercise, driving under the influence of alcohol, or any number of risks that are unquestionably proven to increase the chances of severely damaging the reservoir and releasing its’ contents at a moment’s notice?

Why would a thinking person waste the precious contents of the reservoir on complaining, criticizing, hatred, bigotry, or any negative influence? Why would they not make a careful plan as to how to use their time so as to fulfill their life’s greatest dreams and ambitions?

Why would someone who is aware of this great reservoir, and the value of its’ contents waste them on mindless, meaningless amusements and purposeless activities when it is so vital that we invest every drop in order to find purpose and meaning?

Why would we not invest ourselves in becoming great appreciators of time, and efficient users of time? Why would we not seek the help and wisdom of others who have excelled in this area? Why would we not align ourselves with those whose values embrace these truths? And why would we not seek Divine help at every opportunity?

When your Great Reservoir of Time is empty, you will then move outside the realm of time and into the realm of eternity. The things you have done, said, and created, the decisions you have made, as well as the people you have influenced, will continue on in the realm of time. This will be your legacy.

All religions teach that what you do in the realm of time not only effects that realm (both during your stay here and after you have departed), but it also determines how and where you will be in the realm of eternity.

As you have read this, a few more precious ounces have flowed out of your Great Reservoir. May these moments have been well spent to give you an awareness of every action you take, starting with the decision you make in this very next moment.

The Great Reservoir

All rights reserved 2017

By David B. Carpenter