David B. Carpenter

David B. Carpenter is a native of Mobile, Alabama. He and his wife are the parents three grown children.

He has worked as a pastor, assistant pastor, and Christian school principal. He has also been instrumental in the founding of a radio station and hosted a weekly video webcast while in the St. Louis Area.

After being involved with full-time ministry for 30 years, David was introduced to a unique business opportunity protecting families and small businesses from the high cost of attorney fees in 2009. This company has also filled a void in the marketplace by offering the most cost-effective and comprehensive identity theft protection and restoration service available.

As a full-time entrepreneur, David enjoys traveling, speaking, collecting vintage microphones, and helping people achieve their personal and financial dreams. He is also a John C. Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. His first book, Where Was There?a Biblical history of Jerusalem is scheduled to be published soon.

In November of 2017, David launched his newest venture, Upspyre.com. Upspyre is a unique personal development, coaching, consulting, and transformational speaking agency.