Upspyre was created to help people.

This is what we do every day. People are what make the world go around. They make life interesting and worth living. Helping people is a high aspiration and a great honor.

We believe you ought to be good to everybody, because everybody is having a tough time. So we offer a variety of services and opportunities to help families, businesses, and churches.

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Families are the core of our society. It was probably in a family that each of us first learned that we were loved and valued.

Being a family is not always easy.

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Legal Support

One thing we offer is comprehensive plans to help families avoid the high cost of legal services. Attorney fees can cost hundreds of dollars for one hour. We’ve found a much better way.
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Identity Protection

Family life can also be disrupted financially and otherwise by the crime of Identity Theft. We offer the most thorough, comprehensive identity theft and restoration program available.
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Video Explanation

Also, you might enjoy this short video that tells about both plans, as well as an opportunity to create an additional stream of income. If it makes sense to you, maybe you’re the one we’ve been looking for!

Living Well

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Health Coaching

I also like to see people get healthy and stay healthy. After much research, I found a system that helped me lose more than thirty pounds. It has also caused my blood sugar to be in perfect control. I was so impressed with this program, I became a Health Coach. So in addition to Life Coaching, I now offer Health Coaching.
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Legal Support

Just like families are the core of our society, businesses are the backbone of our economy.

Small business owners have experienced first-hand the same struggles as big businesses but without the deep pockets. One of the most popular services we offer is our Small Business Legal Plans.
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David on the Maxwell Stage

Leadership Training

Businesses need help training and retaining top-notch employees. We assist with coaching and leadership development with our association with the John Maxwell Team. John C. Maxwell is recognized nationally and internationally as an authority on leadership. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and see if we can be of help to your business.
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Employee Retention

For businesses who are looking for ways to retain their employees and increase productivity, we offer an amazing employee benefit.
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We can help!

We offer several options for entrepreneurs who may want to start their own business. Let’s talk!
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Churches are where we find our value as human beings when we encounter and build our relationship with God. Today, churches are struggling. Each struggle is an opportunity to grow or decline. Good leadership finds the path to growth.

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Leadership Training

Churches need strong leaders. Through our association with the John Maxwell Team, we have learned how to help churches develop a culture of leadership. Our CEO has spoken in hundreds of churches, thousands of times, for more than forty years. He believes that most of our church problems are leadership problems.

If your church believes in developing leaders for the future, we need to start a conversation!
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